Jobs in I.T

Information technology (IT) is one of the most pervasive forces in the world today. The IT industry has numerous sectors that can offer jobs to professionals from various backgrounds in education, experience and skills. Employment numbers are increasingly high within the tech industry, but this is expected to grow fast according to human resources information system. Here are some of the most common jobs in IT currently in the market.

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Software Developer

These professionals are application developers, who design computer games, database and software. They are systems-focused developers, who are responsible for developing operating systems. Usually, software developers are responsible for setting up software to ensure that the computer system and mobile devices operate efficiently.

Computer Forensic Investigator

They are also known as computer crime detectives. These computer forensic investigators search for identity and examine information from various computer systems, majorly for trial evidence. The investigators also plan and monitor computer networks security to ensure that systems are secure.

IT Manager

IT managers are the personnel that various department heads approach when their computer systems experience any problem. The head of the IT department triage the operations of technical work of an organization. They are also responsible for managing large project resources such as network projects, software development projects, IT conversion and installation.

Computer Programmer

Computer programmer specialists debug, rewrite, test and maintain the programs and software essential to key computer functions. As a computer programmer, you will actively be employed writing the step by step instructions that direct computers to process information.

Computer Support Specialist

These specialists maintain the hardware and software for an organization's IT professionals and other non-IT users. As computer support specialist, you will be providing training and technical assistance to customers over a wide rage of IT disciplines and issues. You will also be responsible for the evaluation of the systems and serious research on computer system.

System Administrators

Computer and network systems and ministrations keep emails sending and web pages loading. They also lend their tech-savvy skills to managing telecommunication networks. Server management is a key responsibility for system administrators-installing, upgrading and maintaining servers.

Database Administrator

Database administrators use database software to manage and store information. They usually set up database systems to fit the needs of a company and are responsible for making the system operate effectively. These specialists are very important to all organizations that need to be successful in the business field.

Web Developer

Web developers are responsible for the sleek fonts and clean layout on websites. As a web designer, you are responsible for the overall coding, design and layout of a website.

Network Engineer

A network engineer is involved in maintenance and design of both software and hardware necessary for computer network. Network analysts are high level technical analysts with specialty in wide area networks or local area networks.

IT Consultant

In IT consultant position, the job is to evaluate the systems and understands a lot of information on IT. These consultants help people to figure out the cheapest and the fastest ways to run computers better.